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Thread: Drum Sander Ideas

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    Drum Sander Ideas

    I have this half-thought out design to fabricate and machine a drum sander.

    What i would like to do is build a drum sander that is spring loaded and self-propelled by its own motor. It would pivot down on a off-road type trailer axel that I have seen that would keep the drum in contact with wood at all times. (For those that know what a Forwarder is, that is the Axel arrangement I am thinking of).

    The wood would be fed via my planer and then on the last pass, a light cut with the planer would be taken, the sander pulled down and started and thus I would be planing and sanding all in one step.

    My question is though, how would you attach the sandpaper to the drum? I was thinking of using a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe, but I do have access to an engine lathe. I would like the sand paper to be easily removed so I could switch out grits, but maybe that is asking too much.

    Any thoughts on this crazy idea?

    PS: This is a picture of a forwarder. ...
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    hold downs! on either side of your drum, not for the paper but to keep the wood flat as it passes under the drum. it`s pretty likely that you`ll get a rippled finish anyway unless you design in a way to adjust the head in relation to the a bar napkin sketch. it`ll be lots easier for an ol` hillbilly to understand.
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