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Thread: Lucky find today

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    Lucky find today

    Wife want to replace the table in the kitchen with an island with eat off space on each end. Use stools so when we are eating we see the TV. I like that idea and designed the following for her. She wanted a butcher block style top for it. I have made one bench top so I was just figuring on making this out of some maple. No big deal, just a lot of planing it flat.

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    Earlier this week I was in our local salvage store who buys literally truck loads of stuff. Everything from industrial to makeup to tools to building supplies can be found at his huge store. So you just have to go regularly and scrounge. (BTW I saw an huge bandsaw in the fence in area last week. I am guessing is at least a 36" and probably a 42" saw.) While looking for some electrical stuff early this week I noticed a table top propped up against a wall. It was nasty and scared but it was solid. Eye balled it and was to small to replace the bench top I want to replace.

    Yesterday I thought about the island, opened up Sketchup and checked the size. Just went down with the wife who was home sick today and she approved so I bought it. 72 x 24 for $40. No way could I make one for that price!

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    Since I have a 12 jointer now, I can run it across the there and clean up the face in two passes. A little touch up with a hand plane and I should be good to go! Thats going to save some time! Man I love a bargain.
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    Good find! That looks about the same as the ones I made my workbench top from and they were in about the same condition! I am jealous of the jointer with that project! It will make quick work of it.

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    .....and people ask "well why do you want a joiner that big for"....hehehehe

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