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Thread: "Dado Blade Storage"

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    Cool "Dado Blade Storage"

    What do You use to store Your Dado Blades? Mine didn't come with a storage box. Pictures please!!!

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    Mine came in a wooden box, with circles of closed cell foam between the blades. (Avenger blades... inexpensive but they've worked fine for me.) Have you thought of making a box for yours? It could be something pretty simple, with a 5/8" dowel in the center as a post. then you could cut some foam "donuts" to go between the blades.
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    My Freud stays in the stout plastic case from the manufacturer.

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    How bout this one?

    If you need spacers, sounds like a good job for those coasters your CD/DVD burner/recorder makes.


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    Tis one was planned to hold 2 blades and a dado set. It ended up full of blades as my dado came with a box but the design is simple enough. The pegs at the bottom were originally to hold shims.
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    Sorry, Lary I don't have any sugestions, my Delta set came in a handy case.

    Don, I like your design!

    The style that Glenn posted is a very popular design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Wright View Post
    Don, I like your design!
    I keep forgetting to add... That isn't my design.

    I can't take credit but that's what I would do if I needed one. Mine came in the neat plastic case too.


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    Heres mine. This was part of the overall design thinking when I built my TS base. I designed two bottom drawers to hold TS blades.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a shot so you can see the relationship of the drawer to the TS. This is really easy to get the blades out when I need to setup the Dado.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So you can see the whole thing. Here is the web album for the Table Saw base.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bartee,where did You get those levelers on Your table saw base? Oh yea,nice drawer!

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    I'm real fancy. Laying in a drawer, hanging on a nail on wall or on a hook on pegboard.
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