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Thread: Some more AZ Silhouette 3-D acrylic b/s

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    Some more AZ Silhouette 3-D acrylic b/s

    These rascals are fun to turn. You can get 10 foot curlies with a sharp skew. My only complaint is the Marine Corps emblem wasn't properly centered within the blank. The rough blank really can't tell so you can't compensate your hole for the metal stopper. The 2nd one...a captured ceramic rose....

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    Wow Ken those are purdy. I really like those. I have been turning acrylic pens and love turning those things. Great job Ken.
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    Nicely done, Ken. I've done a couple of the roses now, and have one more blank. Two of the rose blanks were freebies from AS, and one was purchased. I've noticed that the purchased rose was very large (like yours) and the two freebies are quite a bit smaller. Seconds, perhaps?

    (Since you posted your pics before I posted any of my rose stoppers, you'll be able to say it was me copying you when everyone sees how similar the shapes are.)

    I really need to learn skew techniques. I have tried a couple times to get the skew working on acrylics, and still no luck. Ed Davidson makes it look so easy. Need to work on the chisel some more, and on my skills a lot more.
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    Vaughn.....two things......Your skew must be sharp, sharp, sharp. I hone mine with a fine diamond hone after sharpening. Then you ride the bevel. If the bevel is too long it can be a booger to control. The length of the bevel should be approximately 1.5 times the thickness of the steel of the skew. Any longer and it get's difficult to control because a slight change in the rear hand and handle causes it to bite into the material

    2nd.....light cuts....and if necessary.....use it as a scraper. The thing I like about acrylics, the skew presented almost flat makes a wonderful scraper and I'll often use it that way to refine the round shape as in the rose b/s. I use the skew as a skew to make fine detail cuts and to remove bulk materials. I can use it to refine shape but in this case when I'm just make really, really fine changes in form to make the b/s more round, I'll use it in the scraping mode and make really, really fine, gentle scraping motions.

    I am really beginning to like my skew. I've got new brand new Lacer skews that I got 3 weeks ago that I haven't sharpened or used yet. I had these acrylics that are so quick and easy I wanted to get them done and then tear down the lathe and finish the shop. In a couple of months, God and my wife willing I hope to be installing a new lathe, Oneida DC and a Steel City B/S.

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    I understand on the sharp. You and Stu have stressed it a lot. I've tried my diamond hone, but I don't think I'm starting with the right profile. I may also get out the scary sharp setup or the oilstones and see if that helps out after I regrind the profile. For now, all I've got are the Harbor Freight HSS skew, so I don't feel bad playing around with the profile.

    And I agree on the skew as a scraper....that's about the only way I've been able to use a skew to date. I've learned, though, that I can usually get a better finishing cut with a real scraper than the skew in scraping mode.

    Maybe tonight I'll play around with some junkwood spindle stuff for a while. Haven't done that in a long time.

    And congrats on the upcoming new toys. I'll believe that "finish the shop" story when I see it, though.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Seems to me Mr. McMillan that you were involved in deterring me from finishing the shop in a timely fashion. I think I have a set of HF turning tools that you shipped to me. Then Mr. Evans thought he'd cleverly get me hooked on some good Sheffield steel tools. Yeah...well I've since found a local supplier (30 miles) away that carries Robert Larson tools. Then a Woodcraft store opened 110 miles away. The guy sees me so much and knows how far I drive and gives me 10% off on anything I buy ...any time.....any long as it is not on sale.....Let's see go to Houston buy a $70 Lacer 5/8" skew....on the way home stop at Woodcraft in Spokane, WA buy a $110 Lacer 1 1/4" wife knows about your involvement. Luckily on my recent trip to ArkyLand, the LOML got caught up with the graciousness of Tracy Peacock and didn't throttle Dennis or tod as she had planned. But....Mr. McMillan....she recognizes your name and she wants to see a night game on a full moon night at Dodger Stadium.....Then ....You will recognize fear!

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    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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