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Thread: Carbide Insert Shaper Cutters

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    Carbide Insert Shaper Cutters

    I have been considering moving to carbide insert tooling for my rail and stile shaper cutters, and the panel raiser. But the selection seems limited and the price range is unbelieveable. Are there other vendors that I should be considering? Are there opinions on these?

    Amana has an inexpensive set - $351 with replacement cutters at $154, and all three cutters (rail, stile, and panel raiser) in a single head/cutter. I don't like the fact that the raised panel is held in a 3 mm groove (less than 1/8 inch) rather than the usual 1/4 inch - it seems flimsy, and rules out using the cutters for shaker-style flat panels.

    Freud has a Rail and Stile set (RS2000) with a wide assortment of cutters, and a Raised Panel set (RP2000) with a wide assortment of raised panel cutters, that are available as a "package" deal for $1055 (ouch). I haven't been able to find the details on the cutters (e.g. does it use 1/4 inch panels?), but the assortment probably means that I could do glass doors as well as wood panel doors. One of the reviews on Amazon says that setup time is so long, it isn't suitable for professional use. Since I would describe myself as semi-pro, does that mean the setup time is semi-long?

    Freeborn has rail and stile sets for $850, and panel raisers for $475 with back cutters for $425. (I still haven't found the price for replacement cutters). You need a separate set for each profile, so this could get really expensive.

    Schmidt rail head is $369, Stile head $369, Panel head $289, but then the cutters cost more than the head. That doesn't make sense to me... is Schmidt a brand that I need to research?

    I have been talking to DeHart tooling. They have lots of options and their stuff sounds good, but I may have to sell my shaper to pay for the set of cutters I would like.

    Your input would be appreciated.
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    charlie, i`ve had very good luck with schmidt.....the garnigia stuff minimax sells now it very-very nice too..
    tooling will exceed the cost of the machine many times over, look at your router, how much do you have tied up in those little short lived bits compared to the cost of the router?
    think what it costs to keep a moulder tooled....5-9 heads
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    The Freud tooling price is possibly a reflection of the poor exchange rates we currently endure. The dollar is quite weak vis a vi the Euro.

    Schmidt is a good tooling source, and the staff is accessible and knowledgeable. One phone call can do it all, and as far as I know, most of what they sell they manufacture in their facility in New Jersey.

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    Charlie I have the Dehart for Rp and cope and stick. I just ordered a second raised panel profile...3 cutter inserts for $105. If I'm not mistaken there is some relationship between Garniga and Dehart. I think they work out of the same building. But their product is good and pricey.

    I did spend about 1/2 hour on the phone with LRH the other day with a very nice gentleman and he was very helpful and knowlegable. They have a great selection and their prices seem good. I think a set of replacment cutters for three are $63. I haven't tried any of their stuff yet but may to see what kind of quality they have.


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    The shaper... By far the most expensive tool in the shop, even more than all the gizmos you can get for a lathe, and that is only tooling, not including aftermarket fences, hoods and specialty devices for the shaper. Bite the bullet and get good stuff. I always tried to work tooling into the cost of a specific job until I amassed a decent collection of cutters. Dehart is selling Garniga, as is Martin, Laguna, and Mini Max, to name a few. Lockedge is another one to consider, along with Schmidt. Flurry, another Euro-company, makes excellent stuff, too, on par with Garniga, and makes most of the cutters in the Felder catalogue, if not all of them, and many of the insert cutters for Amana. Stick to steel heads if you can. W. Moore Profiles are good folks to talk to, and they sell many different styles and companies' shaper tooling, plus knives and custom profiles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Blasco View Post
    W. Moore Profiles are good folks to talk to, and they sell many different styles and companies' shaper tooling, plus knives and custom profiles.
    I'd like to 2nd that. And 1/3 the cost of my local guy.

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