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Thread: I'm back - Did ya' miss me!?

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    Talking I'm back - Did ya' miss me!?

    I didn't think so! We had a heck of a time with our phone service and DSL. Had a bad line from the pole and a static surge via the uninsulated line took out the modem and router. {Start Rant: Oh, nobody wants to hear me whine and moan - so LOML tells me End Rant}

    So, we have this neat new cable modem (I think you get the gist) and I get to buy a new wireless router and redo the whole network thing!

    Anyhow, I missed you guys - even though I don't post much, I missed the community.

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    Welcome back Wes.
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    Glad to have you back. I was just wondering . . . what ever happened to ole Wes?
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    Dang...there does the neighborhood. Again.

    Welcome back, Wes.
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    HI Wes,
    It is Great to have you back!
    Sorry it is not "back from a month long tour of the castles and chateaus of Europe, or a "sunbaking Great time in Hawaii" or " a just got back from some summer/Winter skiing in New Zealand" but never the less, glad you are back on line. Remember "we love pics", even of your new cable modem!

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