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Thread: Fair Entries II

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    Fair Entries II

    Well got my enteries back from the fair this morning. Collected my ribbons and prize money. Even had the newspaper editor there and he took my picture for the paper. Anyway here they are: mesquite NE bowl (finished just before the fair), Maple lidded box, Cedar vase and of course the grand champion Mini birdhouses.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mesquite NE Bowl 1.jpg   Mesquite Ne Bowl 2.jpg   Maple Lidded Box 1.jpg   Cedar Vase Fair 2.jpg   Mini Birdhouses 1.jpg  

    Bernie W.

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    Great news, congratulations on the work and the prizes, always fun to be recognized.


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    That's a great collection of ribbons you've got started there, Bernie. Well-deserved, too. Congrats again.
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