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Thread: not woodworking but

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    not woodworking but

    So I'm mumbling and grumbling as I try to rub out the streaks left over from sealing the granite countertop in our kitchen and then I remember, I have a lambswool pad for the Rotex -- out to the garage, swap out the sanding disk and hard pad, on with the soft and the lambswool. Ten minutes later, job is DONE and I've got a cup of coffee in my hand and LOML is saying Oh that looks great!

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    Hey Jay!
    Isn't that Rotex a jewel? What speed did you use?

    I'm always blown away that the same machine in aggressive mode can chew wood like a chainsaw or in polishing mode can put a shine on a thin coat of polish

    I know what I'm gonna do when its time to reseal my granite!
    Don't believe everything you think!

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    That's always a great feeling when a job ends up easier than you thought! (with a good tool too!)


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