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Thread: Acrylic Pens

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    Acrylic Pens

    Here are some acrylic pens I made this week. The blue set is for a buddy of mine who is a commander of the Highway Patrol here in Western Kansas. So I made a blue and gold acrylic pen. He wanted the blue to match his uniform and the gold to match his badges. They turned out pretty well. All did with a skew and just micro meshed.
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    Hey Bernie...this is a WOODworking forum.

    Great-looking pens there! I like turning the acrylics...easy to get a great finish on them. Lately, I've tried a trick Ed Davidson recommends for acrylic bottle stoppers (instead of the micro mesh routine). After the chisels, I wet sand with 220 then 400, then go straight to the tripoli buff, followed by white diamond. It's quite a bit faster, with the same results, IMHO. For the tripoli, I'm using a sewn wheel, so it's a bit more agressive than the floppy wheels like those in the Beall kit. It's amazing to see how quickly the tripoli removes the 400 grit scratches. (If you wet sand to 600 grit, the tripolo stage is even faster.) Give it a try...I think you'll like it.
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