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Thread: Colorado here I come...

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    Colorado here I come...

    Hey, folks,

    Off at the crack of dawn to Colorado for a conference. I only really feel comfortable west of the mississippi, every place else feels like a foreign country, and I'm an interloper. I'm looking forward to feeling like I'm home again, even if I'm still a thousand miles away from Coronado. Some of you may know that this is the last educause conference they're holding in snowmass, so I didn't want to miss it. Besides, Doorlink and young James get to come with me... we'll fly to denver, rent a car (a six cylinder!) and head up to the mountains. Snowmass is pretty close to aspen, it's nice country, and I have a picture from last year of Doorlink at 12,000 feet!

    Anyway, I'm under the impression that there are some woodturners in aspen, but none come to mind. Anyone know that part of the country? Any suggestions of good places to visit, turning related or otherwise?


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    Have a great trip, and tell the Rockies Vaughn said hello. And tell them I miss them, too.
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    Have a safe trip and enjoy the mountains!
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