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Thread: Down time...

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    Down time...


    Sorry for the down time this morning. It seems that a feature our host uses to help accelerate the forum software ran into problems. A single phone call to their excellent support helped us diagnose, locate, and correct the problem as soon as our very own tod woke me up to let me know there was a problem.

    You may experience less than normal performace today, until our host is able to correct the accelerator problem. I hope not...and apologize if you do.

    Thanks tod!

    Thanks Bluehost!

    Now it's time for coffee...
    - Marty -
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    sleeping on the job.......
    thanks marty!
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    Noticed "Internal server error 500" of something like that but only for a short time. Thanks!!
    Is this the situation Vaughn had mentioned in a post earlier this week?
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