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Thread: Painted project question. How?

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    Painted project question. How?

    This may seem like a dumb question but I have never built a painted piece of furniture and am getting ready to do just that. It will be a changing dresser for our next child. This will be more a utilitarian project than fine woodworking but I'm looking for suggestions on finishing. I'll be using MDF core Alder plywood and poplar face frames. The only exposed MDF will be the dresser top and drawer edges. I've had good luck in the past sealing MDF edges with shellac before priming. I just need some help with what type of paint to use after priming. It'll be white and I want that gloss type finish you see on furniture in the stores. I was wondering if those are actually paint, is there a clear coat over the paint, or do they use white lacquer?

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to everyone's suggestions.

    Wes Billups

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    I've been using Sherwin-Williams Proclassic. I've been brushing larger projects because I don't have a good place to spray. Proclassic flows well, looks good and has proven durable with my 5 year old.


    PS I do the shellac seal as well and find it easier than other methods.

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    On the cabinet that is show below is a process that I have used several times with excellent results. The face frame and rails and stiles are popular and the raised panels are MDF just like you are planning on using. First I spray several full strenght coats of Zinsser BIN Primer/Sealer that is shellac based (white base) and dries very fast. I get it from Home Depot but most places have it. Then I finish sand if required. After that I spray a few finish coats of Oxford Ultima water based spray lacquer tinted with either Golden Fluid Acrylic colorant or universal colorant. For a more durable finish I use tinted Oxford EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane. The Oxford water based finishes can be purchased at severl places but I buy mine from Both the primer/sealer and color finishes I spray at full strength with a HVLP conversion gun using twenty pounds of pressure at the gun with the trigger pulled.

    The cabinet is actually very white but does not show up as such in the photo. I used Golden Fluid Acrylic Titanium White colorant that was also from Target Coatings. You can tint it any color that you want. It is semi gloss instead of gloss that you are planning on using. I have been amazed at the quality of the finishes.

    Good Luck! Allen

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