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    Question Contact cement

    I am not sure where to put this thread, so if it needs to be moved please do so. O.K. I just bought a can of contact cement to veneer a t.v. top for a lady and when Iwent stir it up as per the directions there was the big clumps of white stuff on the bottom that doesnt seem want to mix in. I have never used it out of a can before so I am not suire if this is a bad can or what. I tried a a small sampple and it doesnt seem to stick real good. Any ideas about this? I didnt want to put this in Jims Torsion box thread.

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    Don't know what to suggest about the lumps Al, but on your test piece, did you let it get essentially dry to the touch on both pieces before joining them together? You probably already know this, but not letting the glue "dry" before putting the pieces together is a pretty common reason for contact cement problems.
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    Al, wouldn't have bothered me!! Mine had some too. I just kept stirring and most of it disolved, turning the adhesive a little milkier in the process. Maybe squoosh the solids against the side of the can some with your stirring stick and stir some more. One thing that I did was take an awl and poke holes in the recess the lid fits into, so that as I stirred and glue got up and in it, it had a way to drip back into the can. It was a little messy the first time, but just keep going until most of it disolves. Jim.
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    The last time I used mine, it had some as well - not big, but noticeable. I squished them and eventually got most of it stirred in as Jim did. Everything has stuck fine that I used it on.


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    Yes Vaughn I let set till it was just barely tacky to the touch. By chuncks I mean the whole bottom was covered with a thick layer of that stuff. It was mix with a paint mixer that my freind has then mixed by had for about four minutes and the chuncks would'nt mix in. Tommrow when I head to the big city I will pick up some more. Hopefully the stores in the city will have some that havent been sitting there for a few years.

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