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Thread: Bosch Recon Deals, Colt VS, 1590 VS

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    Bosch Recon Deals, Colt VS, 1590 VS

    A couple popular items I see folks talk about as on their wish lists . . . a little extra off at CPO Bosch:

    Plus an extra $25 off, IF . . .
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    1590 vs 1591 Opinion


    Have you tried the 1591? I'm looking at it in place of the 1590. I've read thathe 1591 is more manueverable than the 1590. Thoughts?

    If it isn't, I'll likely jump on this sale.


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    Glenn beat me to posting these. (I got the same e-mail.)

    Aaron, I've got the 1590 EVSK and am very happy with it. As far as the 1591 being more maneuverable, I'd suspect that's more of a personal preference...barrel handle vs. top handle. Aside from the handle, the mechanicals are the same. The maneuverability is more a factor of the
    blade and the blade guides, IMHO, and those are the same on both. You're not going to cut a tighter radius with one over the other. I'd say play with both styles and see which feels better in your hands.
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