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Thread: Filler for walnut

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    Filler for walnut

    I need to fill a couple of small flaws in some Walnut. My wood was not as good as I thought it was. As I have surfaced it I have found some flaws in it I didn't expect. So what is a good filler? I was thinking sawdust mixed with ????

    I am probably going to end up staining to this to get an even color on it so that is a consideration too. If there is nothing then it just going to have some character in the wood.
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    I've used CA glue and either sanding dust, instant coffee crystals or crushed charcoal as wood filler on turned pieces. Dunno how the CA would take stain...I think I'd try to make the patch match the intended final color instead of the raw, unfinished color. In a lot of cases, I'll fill the void with dry filler (sanding dust, charcoal, coffee), then carefully add a drop or two of CA, letting it wick into the dry material. Then I sprinkle a bit more on top to compensate for the material settling, and press it in with my finger. (Nitrile gloves are handy for this, unless you like changing your fingerprints for a few days.)
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    Clear shellac and sawdust is what I use.

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    Wow, what a range of answers! I'll add a few. For small flaws, I use a drop or two of CA then hand sand until it blends in. Takes stain fine. For larger flaws, same thing but with epoxy.

    I have also used Bondo, but mix the stain into the Bondo to color it and fill the wood after its stained. You can put a small piece of glass on the workpiece and mix the Bondo/stain on the glass until it matches the workpiece.

    If your workpiece is intended to be pretty dark, sometimes I just fill the void with clear epoxy, which will wind up looking black when all is said and done. It does add character.

    BTW, flaws in walnut tend to go deep. If the flaw goes all the way thru the wood, put some blue tape over the flaw on the backside - or you will glue the piece to your worktable - DAMHIKT
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    Liquid hide glue and some dust has worked well for me in the past
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    off the shelf putty with black pigments from the paint dept. does a pretty fair job.
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    There is a new product on the American market called Timbermate. It has been the #1 popular wood filler in Australia for many years, according to their literature. It really takes stains and also comes in a wide variety of colors. It is water soluble to it won't be spoiled by getting dry in the container, just add water. They will send a free sample on request. I got one and, so far, the product lives up to it's claims. I'm going to try bright colors (e.g. turquoise, metallic gold, etc.) as a void filler for turning burls and such. I tried to buy some wholesale to resell but they aren't interested. They will sell to distributors, though. Big bucks required. Their site is:
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