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Thread: Elec. Question - Wiring DC Bin Level Sensor to Alarm Light

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    Elec. Question - Wiring DC Bin Level Sensor to Alarm Light

    I think I have this figured out but wanted to get some confirmation from the electrical cognosenti before I wire this up today. My Bin Level Sensor has 5 wires - 2 for 110V power, and 3 for the switch. The switch wires let you choose either Normally Closed or Normally Open and 1 wire just doesn't end up getting used. I'm pretty sure that I want Normally Open ??and that those 2 wires connect to the positive wire of the 12V wiring that runs the Flashing Alarm strobe light I've got. So I just cut the hot wire of the 12V power and connect the 2 ends up to the 2 switch wires from the bin sensor ?? And it doesn't really matter which switch wire goes to which end of the cut 12v wire?

    Here's a pdf with the info on the sensor if that helps
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    Doug, like you said connect the hot side to one wire of th N.O. the other goes to the alarm and the neutral of the 12 V goes to the other side of the alarm.
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