I have to say this is a company that will do what it takes to fix any problem you have there products. For fathersday the wife and kids bought me a 12" CMT halfblind dt jig. It sat for awhile till I could a set of guide bushings and ne sub base. About a two weeks ago I went to use it when I noticed the template was bent about a 1/8" over the 12" plate. Well I called there number for cs and didnt hear back from anyone for almost a weeks, then I fired off a e-mail stating the problem. I reicved a eamil back withing five minutes from Jamie. Jamie personaly went out to the warehouse and packed and shipped it out over night. I was informed that they are in the mist of moving to a large warehouse and they have some bugs in the communication systems and that has been cousing them problems for a few weeks now.When spoke with Jamie he didnt ask anything other then what was in need of replacement and sent it out and told me to toss the old one in the trash. It is good to know that there are still several companies that are willing to put there cosutmers first.