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Thread: Birds and hot weather

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    Birds and hot weather

    We are having our typical August heat wave here. High 90's all week and probably will hit 100 sometime. Just checked and it is showing 99 right now. Humidity is low so it's not "as bad". But it's hot.

    Anyway, my wife asked me yesterday as we driving to look at the sky and see what was missing. I didn't notice it but as she pointed no birds. Not a bird in site. Got to thinking about it and my feeders were not the typical social gathering place either. I have never noticed this before but since she said that I have hardly seen a bird flying. Anyone else see that? Is this normal in the really hot weather? <start twilight zone theme music> Or is there something STRANGE happening here?
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    Must be strange, because we get a bird flying through the service drive quite often. Sometimes they stop and look for crickets, sometimes not. Jim.
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