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Thread: "Board Mates"

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    Cool "Board Mates"

    Anyone have these mounted on there fence? Pictures please!!!

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    Lary, how about a picture of what a Board Mate is?
    Do you mean Board Buddies?
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    If you are talking about board buddies, I use one on the end of the fence. I think it give me a little protections. I also have it adjusted so it pulls the board into the rip fence.

    So is this what you are thinking ?? These are old pictures. I usually only use one at the back of the fence now...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BoardBuddiesAndSaw.jpg 
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ID:	11391 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boardbuddyCloseup.jpg 
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    Depending what i am cutting I will use one on the outfeed side of the blade.

    I still use the factory provided plastic blade guard and pals when cutting larger sheets of plywood.

    I also have a few other safety features for the table saw that are used contigent on the cut and the type of wood.

    It is a bit of pain to make these changes, but I value my fingers.

    Since I don't own a slider (yet) or a SawStop (maybe yet), these other safety devices are the next best thing.


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    Yep,those be them! Mine came with the T-track & mounting blocks.

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    I bought the Uni-T-Fence to replace the fence that came with my Delta saw so I could use the board buddies. Also can use feather boards on the fence as well. Like it a lot.
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