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Thread: Quick question diamonds

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    Quick question diamonds

    what are the diamnods on the tape rule for they are around 19'' and go from there????/
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    They’re for laying out I-joists or floor trusses which are rated for ≈19” spacings. If you multiply the distance by 5 you’ll come up with 96” which is a sheet of flooring.


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    Its a great spacing to be honest with you. As Wes said they are for truss layouts when you feel 2 feet is to far and 16 is a little heavy. Basically over an 8 foot span you can save one truss. It does not sound like much, but on a big home it can add up.

    I have used the layout successfully for sleepers on my concrete floor. I laid the sleepers down and then laid hardwood flooring over the sleeps spaced at 19.2 inches. Another great application is strapping layout on basement walls or ceilings. The great thing is, you can get 2 feet insulation stuffed up into the space without difficulty. Its not so cramped though that it compresses the insulation too much.
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