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    3 pens

    I just bought a Delta Midi for turning pens, small finials, etc. Amazon had them on sale for $155 which was a great deal. (Thanks Bernie) So far it's working out great for pens. These 4 are all the Panache style pens from Craftsupplies. They're good for showing off the wood because they use a larger blank than most pens and are almost entirely wood when closed. But they aren't as classy and shiney as some of the other styles. The first is a big bulky experiment turned from deer antler, leaving some of the natural surface. Too big to write with comfortably. The second is cocobolo, third is box elder burl, and fourth is douglas fir burl.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Antler Panache 1 .JPG   Cocobolo 2.JPG   Box Elder burl 2.JPG   Douglas Fir burl 2.JPG  

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    Those are pretty neat. Too bad about the antler one. It looks like more could have been turned down though. I have never tried the Panache style because it looks a bit funky and I wasn't sure how they would sell. Good for a desk pen. Nice work.
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    Your welcome Curt. It is a dandy machine in my book. The pens are beautiful Curt. I really like the way those kits show off the wood. Very well done.
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    Curt, beautiful pens, I especially like the cocobolo one.
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    Those are cool! They are all great but that Coco one is very classy looking!


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    Looks like that little Delta is working just fine, Curt. I like all of the pens, but I think the cocobolo is my favorite. Great job an all four.
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