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Thread: Here with all the other bad apples!

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    Nov 2006
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    Here with all the other bad apples!

    Those of you who have been following recent events will know what I mean! I've been banned at another place, which means I will have more time to post here again!
    Bill Grumbine

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    Welcome Bill,

    We look forward to your posts, pics, and sharing. Glad you're here.

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    Hey Bill, that was a raw deal, but I think most of the membership and at least a few modís disagree with the decision and the reasons behind it.
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    Looking forward to the posting Bill.


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    Bill, although we have never met, I know you well enough to know you are an upstanding and honest man, who I have the utmost respect for. I have seen you unselfishly share your expertise and knowledge with not only myself, but many, many others over the years. I received an email regarding the events of the day at "that other place". After checking it out, and reading the original posting that was removed, I sit here and scratch my head. The only explaination is that they have a moderator with a problem, which due to the fact he is a moderator, means the forum has a problem. If this issue weren't so sad, it would almost be laughable. You don't have to look far, or very deep at "that other place" to see there are MANY that do the exact same thing, and not a word is muttered. Bill, I am really sorry you had to endure this ignorance. I wish you well my friend..........there are a LOT of folks supporting your side in this, because they have the sense to know right from's as simple as that.

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    Bill, Welcome.....

    I only know you electonically. My brother is Stoney Lamar and through him I have a gained a sincere admiration for turners.

    I think this is a great forum and will grow with sensible people in charge.

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    Bill welcome. I for one am glad to see you here. I got chastised in a SMC PM a few minutes ago for saying that one or two of the mods were out of line. Anyway Bill good to see you my friend.
    Bernie W.

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    Well pull up a stump, if you haven't already turned them all ....and enjoy the forum.

    Don't know what happened at a other place but you are certainly always welcomed here Bill.

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    Well, I saw this thread and it peeked my interest. (I'm not a turner, and I have no desire to start. I do enjoy seeing the beautiful workmanship that those bitten with this disease produce.) So I went to read the thread. I was grilling supper while reading so it took a while, but I formulated what I wanted to say while doing this. Finally, the last post touched on what I was thinking. So I went to start my post....... the thread had been locked for 30 minutes, but not removed. I don't have a problem that the post was taken down, even though from what I understand, I don't think I agree with it. (didn't get to read the original) I do have a problem that Bill and others weren't notified with at least a marker saying it was pulled for such and such reason, like we do here and say the post is under review. That would have kept the post from being reinstated, and being pulled again. It would also have kept a lot of hurt feelings from coming out in the open further causing a rift, and possibly a backlash, on the forum.
    I still like SMC, and will keep reading and posting there, but I have to wonder about that place a little sometimes. I'm so proud of the work we put in our Family here to help keep problems like this from festering and blowing up. I'm also very thankful for the insight of the original group that started this forum, and their foresight in moulding how this place should be run. Jim.
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    Welcome to the Family!

    I don't follow SMC regular enough to know what the controversy is all about.

    I can say that I have heard that things can get rough over there. I hope you find FWW a refreshing change. The Members along with the Mods have managed to keep the conversations very civil here....even when discussing such heated topics as how the Mac OS is better than Windows (Just kidding guys!) We really do all try to show respect for eachother in our posts.

    Well enough of my rambling..... Welcome and I look forward to seeing pictures of your work.

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