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Thread: Went to the County Fair Yesterday

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    Went to the County Fair Yesterday

    Part 1

    My wife and I took our son to the Erie County Fair yesterday.( )
    The little guy was quite a trooper spent 12 hours there with only a 1 hour nap.

    One of the first things we did was go to the Lumber Jack show.
    They had ax throwing, 2 man cross cut sawing, log rolling, and tricked out chainsaw with a huge muffler on it. Just to mention a few things.

    In one of the other exibit buildings they had some antique tools on display. The lighting was bad in the building, so I had to lighten the pictures. So if they seem a bit washed, out thats why.

    I'm not sure what type of saw that was sitting there. I have never seen one like that before. They also had a bit-n-brace as well as something that appeared to be a drill press. There were 3 different planes, a spoke shave, and several marking gauges (not pictured). They also had a Stanley Butt Gauge, which appears to be used for installing/building doors.

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    We create with our hands in wood what our mind sees in thought.
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    Erie County Fair - Part2

    We also stopped at the Wood Carver's Building.

    There was so many great pieces there I could have spent all day just taking pictures. Unfortunatly with a 2 1/2 year old, my time here was limited. I didn't have too many pictures left on the memory card so I opted for pictures of my son enjoying the fair. I did take one picture in there, It was a hand made plane, pictured below.

    The Western New York Woodturners are always setup on the porch of the carver's building. They had 2 Jet Mini VS lathes there and were doing demo pieces every now and then. I spent about 15 minutes chatting and asking questions.

    The weather was great and we all had a good time. I look forward to going back next year.
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    We create with our hands in wood what our mind sees in thought.
    Disclosure: Formerly was a part-time sales person & instructor at WoodCraft in Buffalo, NY.

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    Sean, looks like fun!

    Great shot at the end there with your son and the firetruck!
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    Fairs are always a blast. We have the Canfield fair coming up. I entered three pieces in three different categories.

    My big cherry bowl
    A walnut and curly maple peppermill
    and a cherry lamp.

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    Looks like a fun day, Sean. For LOML, the LA County Fair rates right up there with Christmas. She loves going, but mostly for the shopping and eating. (It's a little known fact that fair food has no calories. At least that's what she tells me.) They always have a woodcarving group there, but I've never seen any turners except for the ShopSmith demonstrators. I even checked earlier this year to see if they had any turning categories in the art judging, and they don't. (In fact, they have a surprisingly limited amount of that kind of stuff.)

    The Fair starts next month and lasts about three weeks, so I know I'll be going at least once.
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