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Thread: Microwave in the shop?

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    Microwave in the shop?

    My wife insisted we replace our microwave in our house even though there is really nothing wrong with the older one. She wants me to throw it out. I have no problem doing that, but got to thinking, maybe I could use it in the shop.

    Right now bench space is a bit tight, but if it has a few uses I could make room for it. The question is, what could you use a microwave in the shop for? Would it just collect dust, or be a viable part of the workshop?
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    Some folks use microwave ovens to dry rough-turned wood and pen blanks. And there's always reheating your coffee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Some folks use microwave ovens to dry rough-turned wood and pen blanks. And there's always reheating your coffee.
    I use mine for occasional wood drying; - gotta be careful with that - heating water and flakes for hide glue; quick drying of water based dyes, and occasionally for heating water for coffee.

    I humg mine under a shelf - just used a piece of plywood and four pieces of threaded rod. That keeps it pretty well out of the way.
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    Howdy Travis,
    I have a small fridge with a small microwave sitting on top out in the shop. I use the fridge mostly for bottled water and the microwave for instant coffee.


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    As said, drying wood, reheating coffee. What more do you need in life?
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    Re heating / making coffee seems the consensus. If my shop wasn't direclty below my kitchen I would consider one, myself.

    If things get dull, you could always throw an old CD in there for a minute or two(shiney side up) and watch the fireworks !
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    My shop has a full sized fridge in the back (Basement Dust Bowl ) in another room is the reckroom (Wreck Room) and in it is a Bar with yet another fridge (smaller) and a Microwave. Handy as a pocket on a shirt... Drying wood, heating water, warming glue, melting "Stuff" and at the end of it all... A nice cup of tea to finish the day. Some may think this ole Kentucky bum is a Bourbon head sot but I does enjoy a cup of tea in the winter, A Microwave in the shop would make me a happy fellow. (and it does in a way) Tis a good addition. There is always more room, somewhere. Just this week I obtained another Drill Press. Don't know where to put it but...... It will find a home. Additions in the shop are like kinfolk at Christmas time, there's always room for one more.

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