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Thread: The Last Thing To Come Off My Lathe....

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    The Last Thing To Come Off My Lathe....

    Here is the last thing to come off my lathe. This was done back in April. Cherry HF with a finial type lid. Personally I don't like the lid and it hasn't grown on my over time.... looks like a rocket ship from an old Tom Swift book OK I am dating myself. I do like it as a vase without the top however. Going to be doing some small boxes and pens before Christmas.
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    Looking real good Corey -- Nice Work.
    I tend to agree about the top, I think if you were to take the rim off the vessel so the top sits flush without that gap between the dark top and the light vessel it would blend in as one piece and look much better.

    I hope you meant this was your LATEST thing to come off your lathe, Last thing sounds too permanent. Kinda like Terminal Parking at the airport --

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Yes Tony, just the latest thing not the last. Just have had little time with the kitchen remodel. I agree with your assessment of the piece. The wife likes it so it will stay the way it is but I wish I had chucked the finial in the garbage before I showed her. Thanks!


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    That's pretty Corey. I like Tony's suggestion for an alternate finial. I would turn one similar to what you have now, but with a deeper interior recess to allow it to sit on the vessel as Tony mentioned. Then, when momma ain't lookin', swap them out. Of course, you must deny any involvement in the swap.........and find someone else to blame it on! "If momma ain't happy".................

    Corey, what was your finish of choice for this one? It looks nice!
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    Hey Corey you are getting those down. I really like it. You could put that out for Christmas candy because to me it looks like a christmas tree. Looks pretty cool. Keep at it buddy and it will come. That is a well done piece.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Kevin, I think it was lacquer but I don't remember to be honest. I use satin poly for a lot of turnings but this is pretty glossy so I think it was lacquer.


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    Hi Corey,
    I'm glad to see you're posting again.
    Looks great to me. I have yet to try my hand at turning anything close to a finial.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm with George. I like the way the piece came out, and you're way ahead of me in the finial-making department.
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    One of my favorites from you Corey. I have always liked that one and the choice of woods and finish is terrific.

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