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Thread: Bathroom Cabs

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    Bathroom Cabs

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    What kind of wood were you going to use? If it is going to be painted , you could use poplar. I like stained much better than painted too. Paint hides the grain of the wood, which is where the character of the wood is, but I guess I'm not the one paying you to make my cabinets.

    In a bathroom, I would start with oil based primer. Oil based paint wouldn't be a bad idea either, especially in at least 2-3 coats. The oil will seal the wood from the humidity created in a bathroom.
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    If you are painting them, you won't need to seal them with anything. The paint will do that just fine! Latex or oil will work well. Oil is somewhat more durable and levels nicely, but latex is easier to work with.

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    I just did my kitchen cabinets and had great success with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic waterborne acrylic enamel. I used Zinser for a primer over poplar and mdf.
    If mold is a concern in your area, use an oil based paint.

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