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Thread: A Couple Box Lids

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    A Couple Box Lids

    Santa brought me a Milescraft Spirocrafter and some inlay templates for Christmas and have not had anytime to do anything with them. This weekend I decided since I travel this next week, I didn't want to leave the kitchen tore up again (plumbing tear out ) so I decided to give these a shot.

    The carvings are a lot of fun. I have posted some photos of them with some poly on them to make the design stand out. I will cut them down and they will be incorporated into lid panels later for a couple boxes. The inlay was a lot of fun as well.

    Thanks for looking!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Inlay10.jpg   Spiro8.jpg   Spiro9.jpg  

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    That is some great work and adds a lot of new territory to box making.

    Nice Job!

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    Thanks bud! I appreciate it.


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    Nicely done Corey. The pattern stuff looks very cleanly done. Looking forward to seeing the lids in a finished box.
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    Hi Corey...I've been away for awhile...and on returning see you and a few other new "old" posters. Good to see you posting here.

    Nice work on the lid designs.

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate it.


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