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Thread: 5 years of Snowmobiling Pictures

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    5 years of Snowmobiling Pictures

    Well today the wife was gone with the baby, and I managed to get the new addition pretty well set for the drywall guy, so after a bit of yard work I decided I would do what any right-minded man would do with a little free time on his hands for once...I proceeded to spend the next 2 hours uploading 150 or so pictures of my snowmobiling adventures onto my website.

    Now some of you may not like snowmobiling, but you will definitely appreciate the beauty of Maine in its wonderland splendor. I strongly suggest you check out the General Scenery Pictures and the video clip located in the Millinockett 2007 Trip of a mountain vista on one very cold and windy day (40 mph winds)
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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    Cool Travis...I don't have time to check it all out right now, but I've seen some of your pics before, and look forward to seeing some more.
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