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Thread: Plywood stamp.........

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    Plywood stamp.........

    Isn't ALL construction plywood supposed to have an API stamp on it? WHen I was in the union I laid/hung thousands of sheets of CDX, for 3/8" to 1 1/8". The inspectors always wanted to be able to see the stamp.

    I thought I remember in apprentice school when we learned what the stamp was and how to read it, that all construction plywood was supposed to have a stamp and you should be able to read it, wherever it was, by walking the floor.

    Well, here's the thing; I just bought a couple of sheets of 3/4" CDX from HD and when I was cutting it to size for the counter I realized that there was no stamp. It wasn't faded or even a light, partial stamp, it just wasn't there.

    Isn't the stamp mandatory?
    Thanks, Mark.

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    I don't know a thing about it.... but if there's anywhere you could end up buying non-code plywood, its going to be Home Depot!

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    would you be able to read a stamp written in chinese mark?
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    Tod said it first. Do the Chinese have unions?
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