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Thread: Moderation in all things.

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    Moderation in all things.

    I reported a thread the other day. Doesn't matter which thread or why. I saw content on a thread that I considered breached the CofC and used the "report a thread" doodah to report it. Within an hour or so I got a friendly note from a mod that told me that my report was being reviewed. Nothing happened for a few days, as I expected it wouldn't because the reported thread was always going to be a judgement call and good judgement is often the result of debate not intuition. After a couple of days I got a note from the same mod that outlined the position and told me a little bit about the discussion that had taken place. It then informed me that my report was not going to result in any action because a narrow majority of the mods felt that my interpretation of the CofC was different to theirs. I then got another note from another mod giving me a bit more info and letting me know his personal point of view.

    In the past, elsewhere, I would then have felt within my rights to go the the thread in question and post a message outlining my objection and stating my case , within the CofC as I interpret it. This would probably have resulted in some tit-for-tat bickering and inevitably ended up with toys being thrown out of collective prams. But I didn't. And the reason I didn't was because I have confidence that a process was applied to my report which was as fair and complete as is possible with humans involved. I also know that if that process becomes blatantly wrong in my eyes (not really lilkely) I will have the opportunity to influence it by voting or maybe even standing.

    This post is a thank you and a congratulation. The process works. A jury of its peers reviewed the issue and reached a majority decision which I shall continue to disagree with but nevertheless respect because that is the way that democracy works. The important point as far as I am concerned is that this demonstrates that we have a system that not only dispenses judgement but that also informs and educates those being judged. I thank all the mods involved for the time that they have taken over this issue.

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    Ian, et. al.

    The process we go through may not be perfect and we may make mistakes, but it does work. We have a duty to keep this forum as clean, neat and tidy as possible. You are correct in that all members have a voice and as a final "stick" have a vote. We do this because we enjoy the interaction of the forum members and will continue to do our best, until we are no longer needed. Have a great day and thanks for your confidence.

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    Hey Ian, thank you very much for posting this, all of us Mods are trying our best to live up to the standards that this group has set.

    I know one thing for sure Ian, if you stood for the Mod job, you would get my vote!

    We are not perfect here, but we are trying, and I also know the members here are trying, and I cannot tell you how much easier that makes the job of moderating.

    I have PMed several members in the last six months or so, regarding the wording, the language, or the content of a post, and each and every time, I have received positive, helpful cooperation from the members PMed.

    Thanks to all the staff, the guys that took part in the Constitutional Conclave, to set up the rules here, and thanks to all the members who make this place what is it.

    If anyone has a problem with something we do here, we want to hear about it, you WILL be listened to.

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    i`d like to also thank everybody who adds their .02 to the mix........this moderator stuff is all of us not just a won`t be long and we`ll have another ellection and there will be different folks who will take the helm, it`ll be this influx of new blood that`ll keep family woodworking able to respond to the desires of it`s membership......
    thanks ya`ll!
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    here is some good logic just voice your thought and let it settle as it does,, we may not agree but the majority of the family have spoken.
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