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Thread: Safe Imports?

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    Safe Imports?

    First off, this is intended as a funny observation . . . with that disclaimer:

    Is anyone out there checking the paint on out Chinese tools?

    Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, today announced its second major recall in a month of Chinese-made toys contaminated with lead paint.
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    I have noticed that the Chinese tool paint does have some sort of bitter taste to it. No more soy sauce for me "so to speak".

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    I have noticed some Chinese paint to be thick, hard, brittle, and very glossy quickly fading in sunlight to a matte finish. So its either the evil lead paint or a candy shell, I don't know which. With Allen's input I think I'll rule out the candy shell. Fortunately I've never felt the urge to kiss any of my Chinese tools, they being more of a means to an end than a tool I actually like.

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    From what I read, it appears that buyers are putting tremendous price pressures on Chinese manufacturers. Like all manufacturers, there's only a certain amount that they can improve their processes and productivity. After that, they do whatever they have to. In this case, using cheaper lead based paint.

    One article said that this Chinese company has been a long term supplier to Mattel. I'll bet Mattel put pressure on the company to cut cost, and the Chinese executives put pressure on their factory managers to cut cost. The factory manager is already driving the workers as hard as possble and can't get any more out of them. Someone offers him cheaper paint and he jumps on it. So he becomes a hero until Mattel discovers the substitution.

    This is the same thing that happens in companies in the US - you get what you ask for (one way or another).

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    So I got to guys putting painted tools in your mouth?....Which tools does Mattel make?

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    Don't forget about the toothpaste with anti-freeze in it. I don't put painted tools in my mouth, but toothpaste I do and I am not a fan of the taste of anti-freeze.

    On the paint though, the US has banned all lead based paint right? So does that mean tools that are made in the US (however few they may be) are not painted with lead paint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    Which tools does Mattel make?
    Ken, these are the ones you need to keep out of your mouth.

    Sesame Street Giggle Drill

    Sesame Street Giggle Tool Belt

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    My reading of the latest recall is that the majority of the affected toys are being recalled because they contain small, strong magnets which are a choking hazard and which can cause injury when swallowed. So this is not a manufacturer wandering outside specification. It is a dangerous specification in the design. Presumably Mattel retains at least oversight responsibility for design so that looks to me like a Mattel mistake rather than a manufacturer issue.

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    Thanks Matt I needed a giggle.

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