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Thread: Drill Press Size Clarification

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    Drill Press Size Clarification

    My understanding of Drill Press sizes was that you take the inch size (12in, 16in etc...) and divide it by 2. This is will be the distance between the post and the center of the chuck/drill bit. With a 16in DP you could drill into the center of a 16in wide piece of stock (hole at 8in). I have a Delta 12in bench top model and it is 6in from the post to the center of the chuck.....I just measured after reading the information below.

    I receive the free Woodworker's Jounal eZine. I was looking through it and saw the following question and answer on drill press size, and it baffeled me.

    Was my original understanding correct, and they are wrong? Or am I wrong and Delta mis-printed my 12in DP, as it should be a 6in DP?

    I'm pretty sure I'm right (like 99.5%), but they are the magazine people, so......

    Q: The advertisements for drill presses say 10-inch,12-inch, 15-inch and so on. To what does that measurement refer?

    Andy Rae: Like a band saw, the measurement refers to the distance from the business end of the tool — in your case, the centerline of the quill, chuck, or drill bit — to the post. For example, on a 12-inch drill press, you should be able to drill into the middle of a 24-inch wide panel. Be advised that the manufacturer’s stated size is nominal; your actual drilling capacity may vary by an inch or so.

    Richard Jones: The distance between the pillar and the centre of the chuck.
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    Either you are right and they are wrong, or Steel City just ripped me off

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    My Grizzly is rated as a 14" swing but measures 7" from center of chuck to post. It there a standard for describing this?
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    Well if they are correct, then both my 9" and 16.5" DP are miss labled. The 9" measures 4.5" and the 16" .5 measures 8.25". That would be nice if they whork the way they stated. Could you imagin the size of some of these DP if that was correct?

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    Drill Press Size Clarification


    As you stated, you are correct. In my case, my Delta 14" measures about 7 1/8" post to chuck center, and my 22" Duracraft measures 11" post to chuck center.

    The calculation is the same as for a lathe swing. The distance between the bed and the centerline of the spindle or chuck equals 1/2 of the swing. (5" distance = 10" swing)

    Those other guys have been misinformed.

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    Your divide by 2 method is correct although like in bandsaws, they fudge a bit now and then.
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