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Thread: PSI sweepstakes and survey

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    PSI sweepstakes and survey

    If you go to the PSI website
    you will see a banner promoting a chance to win $500.00. This will lead to a survey that you must fill out to enter. I took the survey and am hopeful that the findings for PSI will result in some new and improved products. I get the impression they want to market a new lathe and are looking for likes/dislikes in what we presently own and use. Also they ask quite a few questions about what we want in pen kits. I urged elegance and quality in parts and platings. You might want to consider these points before taking the survey. Just for taking it, you get a $5.00 discount on your next order. If they do for kits and lathes what they have done for chucks, I'm all for participating.
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    Thanks for the heads-up Frank.


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