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Thread: for the new folks

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    for the new folks

    please invest a few min. reading a couple of threads to help you get the feel for this place.....we hope we`re somewhat different than other woodworking forums and if you`ll take the time to read for a bit you`ll understand why.

    these are only a few from the members section, hopefully they`ll prove enlightening.
    thanks for lookin`!
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    Dear Tod,
    I have gone to the links listed. There is a whole lot of reading. I did not read everything. I almost never read every thing. Like directions, I read the first ones and then try on my own which I realize will limit my ability to use "whatever".. to it's fullest, but that is what I do. However, what I read makes me feel better about being here, trying to be a helper and learning along the way. It is a good place, made up of the you and me and the new guy and the ole pro, the farmer and the retired exec who just loves the wood. There are gals who love it all just like the boys and in this world of pain and anger, I hope we can try to maintain a kindness toward one another that goes beyond the standards of society. Argue, but with respect, share the knowledge and the struggles life brings along.
    Thanks Tod, and the others who with the vision stepped out to make a new place.
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    I'd say check the last one out first....

    I was on 'another forum' for a while and noticed something was missing.

    Took a google search for me to find this place. And what a nice place it is!

    I took the time to read the first three the day after I signed up and they seem like a very fair, and reasonable set of rules.
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    Aw shucks Brent.....Next you'll be saying you'd like to move to Lewiston, Idaho!

    Welcome aboard!

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    hey ken ya retired now???? havnt had time to catch up on the gossip you started
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