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    Wayne Watling


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    Welcome Wayne. Glad you could join our little slice of the internet.

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    Thanks for the warm welcomes folks glad I found you all.

    I see some familiar names and I'm so happy I see Paul Cresti's name, really enjoyed his posts on the Minimax equipment and look forward to reading his future postings.

    I've just finished outfitting my new shop and am awaiting delivery of a Technomax combo and Minimax MM16 Bandsaw, they both should arrive within the next 2-3 weeks.
    The shop itself was built from a 2 1/2 car garage, I built a partition wall to segregate one garage for the car and the rest was insulated and heated for a workshop. I also installed a 3hp Oneida cyclone and a propane radiant heater. Next summer I'll paint the walls, put down a wooden floor and install a window.
    At the moment I have a few little projects on the boil but am really (patiently!!!) awaiting delivery of the heavy metal before I can start my interior renovations.

    Thanks for the invite and look forward to participating.

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