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Thread: MSUV you use, recommend?

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    MSUV you use, recommend?

    Trying to figure out which Miter Saw Utility Vehicle, MSUV, is best to buy for my soon to be new SCMS.

    I've heard great things about the old Ridgid MSUV AC9940 ($99).

    Ridgid now has a new MSUV AC9944 ($169). This new one is wider roller to roller, 9'6" versus the old one 8'; and has saw mount brackets.

    Or how about the Delta 36-136? ($157)

    Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?
    Thanks for your advice!

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    I have two of the old Ridgids and really like them. For $99 I can not imagine any better. Maybe not for even double that. No idea about the new Ridgid or the Delta.

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    "Old" Ridgid holds the old Dewalt. Works well...

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    I also have 2 Rigid MSUVs. One for my DeWalt miter saw and one for my Makita planer. Both work great, and I would buy again. They are stable, well built, fold easily. I have both tools mounted on Melamine boards for a smooth, easy to clean surface.

    CMS in front and planer behind.

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    The new Ridgid does look slick. I imagine it will depend on how you are using your saw. I have the old Ridgid that I picked up on sale the last time folks here were talking about it. I needed something until I got around to building an along-the-wall cutoff station. I no longer feel the need as the MSUV has worked out very well. I use it strictly in the shop and enjoy the portability and small storage footprint. I can now make other use of that wall.

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    i`ve been using trojans stand for over 10 yrs and find it suits me pretty well.
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    Unfortunately, I don't have a "true" work station or workbench for wordworking yet...someday......dreaming....

    Therefore I need something portable is so I can wheel it outside when doing projects as to not make a mess in my garage.

    Plus the MSUV will allow me to stand it upright when not using it.

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    I've got a delta with my dewalt 12 inch CMS on it.

    I like it. It folds up easy and makes it a snap to wheel around.

    Not sure sure if I'm a big fan of the workpiece supports. Once you move them out, and set the height, they are fine, but if you need to change the width of the supports, well, then you need to adjust the height again. I guess I'm saying they kind of sag a bit.

    Other than that small qualm, works great.
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    I have the older MSUV, and I've used it for the planer and the miter saw. (Neither are attached. I set it up in the driveway, then set the tool on it. Usually don't even clamp it down.) I've also used it for edge routing larger boards. In essence, it's extra bench space for me.

    For my purposes, the new one doesn't look $70 more useful than the old one. I don't work with a lot of long stock, so the extra length is not really an advantage for me. I don't know how useful the built-in clamps would be, but since I can get the same functionality with a couple of C-clamps, here again, I'm not seeing $70 worth of enticement. Your needs and wants may be different. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either of the Ridgid stands. (No experience with the Delta.)
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    I have the Old Style Rigid MSUV for my DeWalt CMS, and I can't imagine anything that would work better. It's solidly built, easy to set up or fold up, has large wheels that make it very esy to move, (even across the lawn), and takes very little space to store it. For the $99 sale price, it's one of the best tool buys on the market, IMHO.

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