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Thread: SU Tabs? or Scenes?

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    SU Tabs? or Scenes?

    I can't find how to make the tabs (or pages, whatever they were called) anymore. I am sure its right in front of me but can't seem to do it.

    Also what is this Scene and Animation stuff, I know Dave did an Animation of a drop leaf table I believe, any tutorials on that or anything?

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    Took me a while to find it too.

    On the mac it is under View -> Animation -> Add Scene.

    Dunno about the animations

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    Art has the right stuff about wheere to look for adding Scene tabs. After you've made some scenes, you can go to View>Animation>Settings and set the transition time and delay time. The delay time determines how long SU pauses at each scene. To get an animation go to View>Animation>Play and SU will run through the scenes. If you have transitions enabled, it will move smoothly from one scene to the next.

    The table you're thinking of, Aaron, is a draw leaf table. I animated it by putting copies of the components that move on different layers and then setting which layers are visible for each scene. then I exported the animation. The Pro version gives you the ability to export animations but the free version does not. Sorry.
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