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Thread: How'd I Do?

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    How'd I Do?

    I was in Lowes this evening with the Little Man looking for a lamp for his room and a surge protector that covered cable etc. Found a lamp he liked but bust on the surge protector. So we did what every father and son do - went to the tool section. Sooooo, we're strolling through the isles and what do I spy? A ubiquitous yellow sticker. This one was over a lone box - a big box. It had a big $80 on it with a little $400.
    In the box was a Biesemeyer BC30 fence and table system! Though I've been happy with my old tube rail fence, this was too tempting to pass up - plus LOML gave me an OK!

    So, how'd I do?

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    You suck!

    I got mine a several weeks ago, but paid $220. What a steal! You'll really like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Cook View Post
    You suck!

    I agree!


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    Ya done good!
    I've been using the Beis for several years and I love it.
    What length rails did you get?
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    Boy, did you EVER do good, Wes. (You'd better hide out for a while til the Sheriff quits looking for you though). They don't even stock anything that good in the stores out here in my neck of the woods. You'll LOVE that fence. I had the option of a Biese Commercial or a Unifence, (or whatever they were called back then), when I bought my PM 66 about 17 yrs ago, and I have most certainly been pleased with that very fortunate--(and lucky) decision to go with the Biese, especially since that was the first one of them I had ever seen.

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    Good On Ya Wes!

    That is one heck of a deal!


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    I really did luck out. It was marked down a few weeks ago to $150 and I had the willpower to resist. When I saw the price this time, all I could think was how I would be kicking myself if I didn't buy it.
    The saws at my former employer all had Biesemeyer fences on them and I did become spoiled. My old tube rail fence has done a nice job, and I hadn't considered replacing it - but gee whiz!

    Bruce, the rail is 64" long which I think is the smaller of the two offered.

    Norman, I guess you know a good thing when you see it.

    Don't you just love corporate logic? It's better to sell it below cost (I bet manufacturing cost in this case) than to send it back. Mind you I'm not complaining. I've picked up a number of items from Lowes on closeout - hence the walk-through each time I go there.

    Wes - in hiding until the Sheriff gives up!

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    Wow Wes!

    You triple suck!!

    Which means, of course, you done good

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    I've yet to see a Beis at the Lowes here. I did see the Unifence at the Weatherford location at 89.95. If it had been a Beis, I would have walked out with the 2 they had and sold one one Ebay to pay for both! I'm batching it today. Might need something from Lowes afterall, and go give a peak. Jim.
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