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Thread: MM16 owners...........

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    Question MM16 owners...........

    I havenever owned or used a bandsaw but in the next month that problem will probably go away. The LOML has given me a substantially loose purse string and I only want order one so I'm considering the minimax MM-16.

    Any owners out there? Pro and cons opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Don't think about it. Just call/PM/email Sam Blasco (he's a member here) and order it. You'll love it and you won't regret it.

    PS......Don't forget to call Suffolk Machinery to order blades. Order them when you order the saw so that they are there when the saw gets there. I ordered 9 blades when I got mine because they were having some sort of sale. My MM16 cuts everything.
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    Thanks, Mark.

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    Ken, you'll love it. The current model MM-16 has the same HP motor as my MM-20, and will resaw the same or maybe even more than my 20", IIRC. They are real quality machines. I think Bruce Page has one, I don't remember the sizes of Tod's, (larger I think), and of course Marty's is larger, but they are all of the same quality. PM Sam for the latest Poop on them.

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    I have the old model MM24 which has the same power and resaw height as the new MM16 - great saw.

    You will want to run it with a carbide blade for resawing - I just replaced my temporary Timberwolf resaw blade with a new Lenox Woodmaster CT - wow! The Woodmaster CT is the improved version (and cheaper) of the Lenox TriMaster - which was a great blade (until I broke mine). The Timberwolf is a very good blade, but not in this league. I'll do a full review of the Woodmaster CT when I have used it for more than a few minutes. But here's a teaser... the first cut was a walnut veneer about 1/25 inch thick, and I had a very hard time telling which side was planed, which side was sawed.

    The only downside of the MM16 is that some of the carbide blades have a minimum wheel size of 18-20 inches. There are carbide blades that run great on the MM16, but some have a stiffer backing that doesn't like the smaller wheels. I think the vendors have seen the problem, and are improving the products to work with the smaller saws.
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    I have an MM20. It has been a great saw. As Charlie said. Use a carbide blade for resawing.

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    I can't speak for the MM16, since mine is the MM24. But tod can talk about the MM16, since he has both that AND the MM28.

    My opinion is that you can't go wrong with any of the MM bandsaws! I'd think about room and see about increasing to one of the larger you don't have to upgrade in the future. I'll probably wind up with an MM16 to supplement my bigger saw, but I decided to get the big one first.

    Oh, and by the way, there are loads of suppliers for blades. Based on tod's reccomendation, I just unpacked a box of a dozen blades that I picked up from Ellis Manufacturing. They're GOOD blades, and less expensive than most others I looked at. You can't order from them online, but there's norhing wrong with picking up the phone and talking to a very knowledgable manufacturer!

    Good luck with whatever decision you make!

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    Ken, the MM16 is a great bandsaw. If you plan on doing resawing you will need a good carbide tipped blade. I use a 1”, 3tpi Lennox Tri-master that stays on the saw 24/7; I always back off the tension when I’m not using it. I think got a fair price on it through MM when I ordered the saw. MM also threw in 3 “free” blades, a ¼”, ½” and a 1” - Olson’s I believe, the couple that I actually have had on the saw weren’t very good, YMMV.

    You will love the MM!

    I did have one issue with the telescoping blade guard not working smoothly. I had to take it apart and de-burr most of the edges. It has been working fine since.
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    Ken, I've got a new model MM20 - same saw just 4" larger. Great saw - tons of power, good guides, etc. Everything you could ever want and more. Have you checked out Sam's video on the MM website? If not, be sure and take a look, he does a great job of taking you through the saw and its capabilties - and its about 50 minutes long! Great information for the newbe to the BS.

    That said, I'm just a hobbiest and I tend to lurk here as there are usually ten posts that have said everything that I could add before I get to it. I've also heard great things about the Agazzani from Eagle tools (probably its only comparable saw).

    - Norb

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    JUST DO IT!!

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    Ken, you will like it.

    Remember, it is just a bandsaw, so don't get over hyped and expect it to do things that other bands saws can't. A 16 inch band saw is a 16 inch band saw.

    Some big features I like on the MM16 is the 16plus inches of resaw, the footbreak (this is a biggie!) and the micro-switches on all the doors.

    Like i said elsewhere, the mobility kit excells at finding the high and low spots in your concrete floor.

    And if you don't move it much, the Mob kit isn't horrible, but there are alternatives.


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