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Thread: G0490 Jointer Owners...............

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    Question G0490 Jointer Owners...............

    I'm going to be pushing the button in the next few weeks. One of the tools I'm considering is the Grizzley G0490.

    I'd sure appreciate hearing from any or con!



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    Buy the G0593 instead, with the spiral cutter head. No fussing with knife changes, very smooth cuts, loooooong lasting cutters, quieter, very fun, nice looking, polite, good on a date....oh....wait......forget that last one.

    You'll love it for a loooooong time and you'll want to send me a gift and thank me for recommending it to you. I promise.
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    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

    My diet is working good. I'm down to needing just one chair now.

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    I have had the GO490 for about a year now and think that it is teriffic. That seems to be the general feeling of all of the owners that were talking about it when I bought mine. If you get one don't break your back by standing on the crate while trying to lift the bed out. I, as well as other people, struggled with this for a while before figuring out that it is bolted to the crate. The bolts are kind of hard to see.

    The best thing about it is the bed adjustment and that is why I bought it. My beds are perfectly flat but they were slightly (very slightly) out of adjustment and the cam adjustment system is really great. Easy to do and very accurate. I have adjusted a dovetail way machine and what a pain that was. I will not have to go through that again. Shimming is not a very good solution if you have another choice I do not believe.

    The dust collection is not very good the way that they come from the factory unless they have changed the design. I found that the chute is open at the top and therefore no suction at the port. This seems to be common for most of the machines in this price range and size. I glued in a piece of plywood to totally enclose the chute and the dust collection is very, very good. Below is a picture with the plywood glued in place to try to make it clear what I am talking about. The base is upside down in the photo and this is where the 4" port bolts onto the base.

    I know that there are a lot of good eight inch jointers that you would be happy with but I feel that this the best one on the market considering the cost. Happy hunting! Allen

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    So Ken, I guess you have made your mind up on retireing It sounds like your local delivery man better start lifting some weights, cause he is going to be getting a workout

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    We discussed it. We could make it but it wouldn't have left much for extras.

    If I work 2 more years, we'll have less bills, I can get into my 401K without penalties and.......these tools will be paid for.......I'll probably pull the plug and order these and the PM3520B in the next 4-5 weeks.

    It was tools or retirement......What other decision could I make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post

    It was tools or retirement......What other decision could I make?
    Indeed!! I only have 30, I mean 30 years to go, unless my lotto tickets hit tonight. Maybe I should get some orders put together just in case

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    I will be ordering a G0593 next week. It older brother was rated tops by FWW. I am going with the spiral cutter so I will never have to change a jointer blade again. Just replace the little cutters.

    I think the both fine jointers, but for the money I have now, I think the G5093 will is a good choice.

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