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Thread: Road trip update

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    Road trip update

    LOML and I have been spending a few days in Asheville,NC, overdosing on galleries and looking at all the wonderful stuff produced by the artisans that live in the surrounding area.

    Spent part of yesterday afternoon on the Skyline Drive and visited the craft center there.

    Saw the tail end of a turning demo by John Jordan

    Boy, talk about inspiration!

    Too bad I didn't know about the meeting, apparently he was the featured turner at a monthly meeting of the Carolina Mountain Woodturners.

    I certainly have see lots of inspiring examples of what can come off of a lathe, now I have to get me one!

    Seriously, if your travels ever bring you close to this area of the country, plan on slowing down and see all the great stuff.


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    Jay I have been down visiting the kids in Richmond, Va. I have went down thru that country. On one of my visit when I go down to Washington, NC we go thru Big Mikes town. I am going to stop and see him. You are right about all the things and wood displays to see down in that area.

    I hope you are enjoying it as much as I have. I can never get enough of traveling around down there. Out here in the plains of Kansas there just isn't much to go visit unless travel a lot.
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    I have just been told by SWMBO (the navigator, I just steer the car ) that we are off to Brea Ky tomorrow for a couple of days -- Shaker museum is on the itinerary as well as a bunch of quilting shops -- might be able to sneak a peek at Kelly Maher's (sp?) school while we're in town. Then on to Lexington after that.

    We are going to have to turn right sooner or later since we are supposed to be up in Nova Scotia so if anyone has thoughts about good wood stuff to see on the way, don't hesitate to chime in!


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    Hey Jay,

    I know there's nothing of 'spinny' interest here, but if your plans (and navigator) allow, you'd be more than welcome to stop by here for a cold beverage!

    Either way, have a safe trip...
    - Marty -
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    Maybe on the way back to Fl! Thanks so much for the invitation. I am just beginning to think about spinny stuff, I've only done one bowl -- a workshop class at Highland Woodworking (Hardware) about a week ago.

    It would be fun to meet you and Denise and see first hand what you've accomplished.


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    Hi Jay,
    google #1 Winterthur connected to University of Delaware,#2 Old Sturbridge Village, Mass. and #3Hyde Park, Franklin D. Roosevelt's place, near Poughkeepsie (Vassar ) New York. Just three spots you might find interesting.
    Safe traveling
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