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Thread: 8ft x 6ft is enough...

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    8ft x 6ft is enough...

    ... just!

    Well, after saying hello in the general forum I thought you might like to see my favourite place...

    Here's my little shed from the outside looking in. Not much in the way of machines, just a drill press on the bench. Most of the work is done using hand tools. I just love the feel of a nice sharp plane taking shavings with little or no effort...

    This is the basic layout...

    ...and here is a closer shot looking in the door.

    The door was placed off centre to give more wall room and to allow long pieces of timber to be held in the vice with the door open. The shed sits on a damp-proof solid floor. This little shed has been my workshop for over 25 years and is still going strong. the outside gets a lick of preservative every-other year and the roof has been recovered once. If you would like to see some more pictures just say so, I don't want to over-do it on my second visit

    I do have a slightly larger shop now but the little shed is still my favoured space. I have just installed a lathe in there and Sue (SWMBO) is planning on moving in...

    ... I suppose it might get curtains now


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    You must not have read much here...we LOVE pictures!! The more the merrier! Cozy shop. Well laid out for how you use it. I'd love to see the other shop as well. Now, curtains in the shop?? Well,......
    And I must have missed your first post, so welcome to the Family! Jim.
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    That looks like a nice comfortable shop you have there. Although, I'm into power tools and a 'little' more room in my shop...

    Oh, and like Jim said, I missed your original WELCOME aboard!

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    Hello Ralph, nice shop – I bet there have been a lot of shavings made in there!
    It looks a little damp in your neck of the woods. We don't have much of that green tint around here....

    Welcome to FW
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    OK, you got my Dungeon beat on size, but you at least have a door and widows

    More pics, we love pics!
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    just to put things in perspective, Marty's shop is to my new shop what My shop is to yours size wise.

    6' x 8'. sheesh.

    Then again, my cousin's last shop was a cozy 10x12 and he had a great time puttering out there.

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    No, don't add curtains! I am jealous of all that beautiful natural light. Well, OK, so maybe the sun doesn't exactly bath 'the Smoke' in her warming rays as much as where I live but, what a great space.

    Welcome aboard and glad to have you.
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    Welcome and thanks for the post!

    That looks very cozy and well thought out


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    Looks like it does the trick, Ralph. Kudos on the layout of the door. I can imagine a lot of relaxing hours have been spent in there.

    Seeing these pics made me think of the little workbench I had set up on the storage closet of my first apartment. Not a lot of room, but it was set up to make what I wanted to build.
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    I'm jealous, but maybe not on the size of the shop. Still building stuff all by hand is my ultimate goal. I have had these thoughts for quite some time about building my Mom an all-hand-tool jewelery box. Still the power tool draw has quite the amp to it (pun intended).

    Welcome to FWW though and don't be at all shy about posting, we don't discriminate when it comes to shop size, skill levels or projects of other woodworkers. We share, have a good time and talk woodworking.

    By the way, my shop by most woodworkers standards is pretty small itself.
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