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Thread: Slider set-up Help

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    Slider set-up Help

    I'm trying to re-calibrate my MM CK-350 slider. I have tried a couple of different set-ups and I would like some input from all of you. My slider has about .010" of play (goes down with something heavy on it). I set it even with the table top and if you use the slider with a heavy piece - it drags on the table. I have now raised it to + .015" from the top, which solves that problem. Now, when I go to rip something using the fence, it cants up on the slider by the .015", resulting in an edge that is subtly out of square. Two passes would solve the issue, but that seems dumb.

    BTW: both the slider and the fence are canted about .003" every 10" away from the blade which works out great.

    Any ideas??
    ~ Norb

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    I've never measured how much higher than the table my slider is, but it is higher. One thing different though, is that my slider doesn't lower with something heavy on it. I throw full sheets of 3/4" MDF on it all the time and it doesn't move.

    Also, I don't notice any angle on things I rip using the fence. But then again, I don't rip all that much on my slider. I'm not comfortable with the tiny infeed area. My contractor saw lives with a good quality sharp rip blade on it.

    I'm not much help, I know. But I'd be looking into why the slider lowers under a load. That might be a big part of your problem.

    I'm sure Sam, or tod, or others will share their words of wisdom. You just might have to wait until least for tod.

    Good luck...
    - Marty -
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    Thanks Marty - time I've got. I'm new to using a slider and I'm still getting used to doing more on the left side. I gave up my contractors saw to get this one - no room for two...

    - Norb

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    Norb, I only dream of owning a tool like that. From what I've heard here and elsewhere, Mini Max CS is top notch. I would certainly at least call them with your concerns. I just love it when I get the right guy on the phone and he says "Oh, just do this" and the problem is solved.

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    Hey Norb. The CK is an older machine and it may be time to adjust the mounting rail to take up any play. Hard to say based on the details, but the slider should not be loose. Call the office, and if possible have some pics ready to email, so it could be easier to determine how that adjustment is achieved.
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    Thanks, I will call tech support tomorrow. 2001 is now an older machine - I tell my wife that and she gives me a look - you know the look, like I'm crazy or something. I love progress, but sometimes......

    - Norb

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