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Thread: Storage is Where You Find It

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    Storage is Where You Find It

    Well that's somewhat true. The pegboard panels were part of my original plan on the next bench. Just got around to it while waiting for some finish to dry.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a good spot for stuff I like to keep handy but not give up wall space for. I guess I should have dusted the underside of the bench instead of just the legs before the pic .
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    I agree with necessity being the locator of any storage space but as for me and my poor bald head might suffer from frequent knocking of my knoggin' on the bench vise... I fear. Perhaps an item seldom ever used might be a better tenant for the new found apartment. As a rule I forget about enough clamps until I am needing three hands to hold the project, although being close at hand, I fear self damage in my haste to grab another. I have mine on a wall closer to my reach (My small dust bowl has all aspects within my reach) when I am in a sudden need for an extra clamp or hand.

    I dont want to be a nay sayer but I guess I just did. Thanks for the post and idea, might be a needed hint in my time of need. Perhaps if I were a little more agile and not so proned to self distruction I might have appreciated it more. Keep floating ideas and pictures as that is the reason for this forum. Don't pay much attention to an old coot.

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    Hi Glenn,
    Nice use of the space. One question, are you selling that stuff or using it? Did you just spread that dust around on the floor to look like you use that area? That setup is tooooo clean except for the kitchen table.
    Thanks for all your helpful input! Making use of space like you have done here is so important in keeping the needed tools close to the work area. When are you giving classes on "life changing clutter removal", The cleanup and organization of the workshop, by Glenn Bradley?
    This forum is better because of your input. Thanks,
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