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Thread: Bubinga Ring (thanks Ken!!)

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    Bubinga Ring (thanks Ken!!)

    HI ALL!!
    well havent posted here in a while... been really busy... anyway I finally got around to making one of these... bubinga wood from Ken Fitzgerald (THANK YOU!!!). I tried fortifying it with ca glue to make it stronger... last one I made broke the first day I wore it and I never got a chance to get photos first . anyway We'll see how it does. ID is about 3/4 of and its depth is just over an eighth of an inch. I might try buffing it to make it shinier... does that work on CA glue?? this one was also the first ring I was able to complete without cracking!!
    Comments, critique, throw it all at me please.


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    Nicely done Ben! How about a photo of it on your hand?

    I've never used CA as a finish but the pens I've seen appear to buff up nicely but....I'd think you'd have to have some in it to keep from breaking the ring.

    Well done Ben!

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    Looks good, Ben. Must have been a challenge. CA finishes buff up just fine. Be careful buffing it...small pieces like rings like to shoot into the wall behind the buffer. (I used to buff jewelry...been there done that.)
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    sorry no can do, it doesnt fit that well cause i didnt make it for me its for a friend for her b-day.

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