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Thread: Well I braved the small crowd today.

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    Well I braved the small crowd today.

    I picked up some items even though they were not on sale. These may be considered light duty tools but I think they will do for my small shop just fine. Both seem to work just fine.
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    Congratulations Bart, I guess.

    But, I have trouble with underpower with on my battery powered drill and my battery powered jig saw. I just can't imagine trying to use a battery powered circular saw.
    Cheers, Frank

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    I have that same saw along with a Bat. powered sawsall, and drill and they have all amazed me. I ripped some green 2x4 with the circ saw and still had juice left over.


    And mines going on 2 years old and still going strong.
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    I've had my Dewalt 18V circular saw for almost 2 years and thats one handy tool. Works great on 2 x 4's.



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    I'm with Randy on this one. I have a Dewalt 18V cordless set, including drill/driver, jigsaw, sawzall, and circular saw. The circular saw has been living on the scaffold with Denise and I, since I've been using it to cut the furring strips as we put them up. I've also been using the circular saw to cut the OSB before we put it up, and also the jigsaw to finish the notch cuts made by the circular saw.

    My only problem is that three batteries I have died a slow painful death this summer during the shop build. (They didn't stand up to the heat and repeated abuse as well as I did... )

    But, when the batteries are good, there's no shortage of power.

    Bart, you done good...

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart Leetch View Post
    I picked up some items even though they were not on sale. These may be considered light duty tools but I think they will do for my small shop just fine. Both seem to work just fine.
    I think you'er gonna like them alot! I have the circular saw and it does a great job on plywood. The newer 18v batteries from Ryobi are much improved over the old ones. My Ryobi products have been flawless performers...

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    Bart, I have the circsaw, light and drill/driver set and it is great. I have been using it since it came out 1 1/2 years ago or more and it has worked flawless. The circ saw works great on plywoods and such. I also added the Ryobi close quarters 18V drill/driver and have liked that alot as well. I would like to get that impact driver as well.


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