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Thread: Anybody use Imageshack?

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    Anybody use Imageshack?

    I just used it to post a pic on an un-related forum that doesn't allow direct uploads. Seems like a good service, any downsides?

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    I use Photobucket, free when I started but now I am a Pro member. I don't like the advertising that so many other sites, like ImageShack have. It is popular, though...just register first before you you can delete a pic if you wish.

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    I got my own website. It was easy enough to set up, run and maintain. I have quite a bit of information on there, but I do have one page that I call my Chat Room Picture Page. Its just a dumping ground for pictures. I upload my pictures to that page then when I go to a forum I want a picture on, I just hotlink it. Its what works for me.
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    I use Picasa on my computer ( free from Google ) and I use Picasa Web (Free for some large amount of pictures ) for web albums.

    There is no advertising and I think it is faster than other services.

    Picasa on you computer is a great middle line photo editing tool.

    I think this is an excellent solution. You can also designate albums as private if you do not want the world to see them.
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