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Thread: Oak vase

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    Oak vase

    Well this was my first attempt at turning oak and I don't mind saying that it wasn't fun. The vase is 11 in. tall and about 4 in. across the top. I finished it with 6 coats of polyurethane because the wife wanted a shiny vase.
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    Shawn, what didn't you like about oak? I've only turned it green, and it cut very well for me. That said, is the vase an end grain? Oak can have problems when turned that way.
    One more question, what type of tool did you use to hollow out the inside?

    The form is great if you ask me. I like it a lot, well done!

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    Looks great, I've not turned Oak, but I've heard it is tough.

    Yep, great form!
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    Shawn it is a beauty. Well done. I have tried to turn dry oak and it is a bear. The one green piece I turned wasn't bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    ...The form is great if you ask me. I like it a lot, well done!
    I second that motion. Looks great to me, Shawn.
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    Thanks for the comments. I used the Monster tool with a home made captive rig to hollow it out. The worst thing about the wood was the way that it tried to fray if the tool got the least bit dull. The wood has been drying for about a year according to the person that gave it to me. It sure didn't feel like it had any moisture in it though.

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