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    This is my first shot at a goblet with interlocking rings. It is nowhere near the quality of Curts but I did learn alot while making it.
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    Shawn, everytime I see one of these I'm amazed! Well done

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    Nicely done Shawn! Yup! There's a learning curve.....but I'd say you're on the upper part!

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    Shawn that is well done. Very nice.
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    Great job Shawn. I doubt my first try at a goblet will be that successful. What kind of wood did you use? What finish?
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    I used Cherry wood with 1 coat of antique oil. Thanks for the responses. I have a piece of Pear wood on the lathe right now that I am going to try and make another goblet out of. I have no experience with Pear wood so this could be interesting.

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