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Thread: Pocket Hole Systems-Which one to buy?

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    Pocket Hole Systems-Which one to buy?

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    "better" as in how matt? castle is the pockethole machine of industry, but if the boss is having problems with 150$ then don`t bother lookin`, i`ve not used the clamp-on types so can`t comment on their usefullness

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    The "portable" models are tougher for me to deal with - because they're generally slow. Unclamp, move to the next piece, realign, clamp, dril. The clamping part is a little tougher because usually it's just a vise-grip type clamp. These don't always grip well enough and the drilling action can actually cause it to slip on you. Annoying!

    The master system goes for 139 on amazon, plus Kreg has a $20 rebate going. And I think you can get free shipping. So that brings you down to about $119.

    That base-mounted system is by FAR easier to use than any of the clamp-on ones. The barrel clamp on the base holds much better and you can just unclamp, slide, clamp for repeated holes.

    Unleesss...... you wouldn't mind last year's model of the Kreg K2000 system - which is similar to the current model without the front-clamp and dust collection. It also isn't quite a swift at adjusting for different thickness of stock. Otherwise it's a FINE system. I just so happen to have one i'm lookin to get rid of (pm if interested).
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    I'm a huge fan of the Kreg System. Try to convince him to get the Master...when he see's how many ways it can be used...saving bucks...he'll thank you.

    CPO? What was your rate?
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    I have the k3 standard, and I wish that I had sprung for the master system. I'll be buying the upgrade kit at some point. The master system looks much quicker/easier for clamping with the bench-mounted clamp.

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    If you primarily drill pocket holes in material you can bring to the tool such as frame parts, the bench mounted clamp would be great. If you primarily use pocket holes in panels, the portable units would better suit you. I don't often have trouble with my HF knock-off vise-grips holding the jig still. You do need to control the drill motor as the leverage available to twist things out of alignment is definitely there, I've done it. You want to be lined up to control the drill motor travel, the jig is just a bit guide. Another thing I found to be a great improvement is the use of a faster speed corded drill. A cordless will do it but the improvement of the corded and faster speed drill was quite a surprise.
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    I just bought the Kreg R3 to put together my face frame for my new router trouble.

    I liked it so much I bought the McFeely's Super 'Sortment of pocket hole screws...

    For just a little clamp on, It'll work for me. If I was going to be doing production type work with it, well, I'd probably go for something a bit faster...
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    I have the Kreg Rocket Jig. It is the predecessor of the R3.

    My shop being smaller, I don't really have room to mount the bench top system. I have used it alot and I am very happy with how it works. I find that the vise-grip clamps, work well, but I always make sure they are very secure before I start drilling.

    I just recently picked up a Face Clamp and a Right Angle Clamp to help in the joining process. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but will in the very near future.

    Also, Lowes carries the screws if you choose to use the Kreg brand of screws.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Beam View Post

    The master system goes for 139 on amazon, plus Kreg has a $20 rebate going. And I think you can get free shipping. So that brings you down to about $119.

    That is a great deal!!! Grab it Matt. The K3 Master System is the way to go. While you are at it get two right angle clamps and if you have a bench that you can mount it in get at least one bench clamp. I think that you will find that it is one of the most used tools in your inventory. Many, many uses. I don't know how I got along without it.

    I have a Kreg Tool Company DVD named "The Pocket Hole Solution Trim Carpentry" with Gary Striegler that is excellent. It goes beyond what the title suggest. I highly recommend it. Forgot where I ordered it from but it should be easy to find.

    Let your boss know that it will make you much more productive, and that is the truth for many projects. It will pay him back many time over.

    Good Luck! Allen

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    For a "carpenter shop" I don't believe that anything less that the K3 Master Kit would be adequate. I have one and I love it to death. When I have to build a set of cabs for a kitchen I find that I love it all over again. Steve C. may chime in with his opinion as well. I don't know if he uses a PHS in his shop or not.

    However, after looking at Tod's link I might be rethinking my pocket hole production. The machine he links to only does up to a quarter of a million holes per month but I might be able to make that work.

    Thanks, Mark.

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